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DIY CoolSculpting | The Dangers of CoolSculpting at Home

Many people around the world have undergone successful CoolSculpting treatments. The treatment is safe and effective. However, as the popularity of advanced cooling technology grows, a dangerous trend is emerging. DIY CoolSculpting is on the rise, and it is hazardous to anyone who tries to do this on their own. Learn more about why DIY CoolSculpting is dangerous and why fat freezing should be left to professionals.

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Safe CoolSculpting Before and After

Now that you’ve learned the dangers that come with DIY Coolsculpting, you may want to know what is possible with safe CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting before and after photos give proof that fat freezing with a licensed professional can sculpt and slim attractive curves. Patients portrayed in these pictures are showing genuine results from their fat freezing treatments. As CoolSculpting is a sensitive treatment, it is imperative you choose a skilled and experienced body contouring provider. The better your provider, the better your results will be. 

Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

DIY CoolSculpting results in injury as it is both dangerous and ineffective. Professional CoolSculpting results are different. Real fat freezing is safe, natural-looking, and virtually painless. 30 minute cooling sessions require little to now downtime and are deemed comfortable by most. Many patients multitask during their treatments, some even take a quick nap. Fat cells eliminated by CoolSculpting cannot return, this leads to long-term fat reduction. If you have stubborn bulges resistant to diet and exercise, CoolSculpting may be right for you.

The Cost of Safe CoolSculpting

Many who attempt or are considering attempting DIY CoolSculpting, do so to save on cost. Opting in to body contouring treatments is an investment. Cost is an understandable concern for anyone wishing to freeze their fat. Some of the factors that affect cost are the chosen target areas, applicators used, the number of cooling sessions required for maximum results, and more. Many medspas offer new client specials and packages in which you can save money. Value your safety, wellbeing, and investment above the dangers that come from CoolSculpting at home. Ask a reputable provider today about the cost of fat freezing.

How Does CoolSculpting Reduce Stubborn Fat?

Cryolipolysis is the science behind CoolSculpting’s effectiveness for reducing fat. This scientifically developed method eliminates fat cells by exposing them to extreme cooling. This is possible because fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures.

During cooling sessions, an area of the body is gently drawn up into a proprietary applicator using a gentle vacuum mechanism. The applicator’s suction is an essential part of the cooling session because it draws the subcutaneous fat cells to the skin’s surface, where they can be treated. Once the treatment area is secure, the CoolSculpting machine delivers cooling at a consistent temperature. The controlled cooling is between 39 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooling does not actually freeze the fat cells but chills their membrane until it ruptures. Once the cell is damaged, the cell can no longer store fat and dies. This action triggers a natural immune response that gathers the dead cells and processes them out of the body for good.

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Why DIY CoolSculpting is Impossible and Dangerous

People think they can safely CoolSculpting at home using dangerous methods. One such method includes the use of ice packs. People believe the ice packs mimic the cooling of Coolsculpting, thus providing fat reduction. There are, however, several reasons why DIY CoolSculpting is dangerous and ineffective.

DIY CoolSculpting Lacks Consistent Temperatures

You cannot chill your own fat using ice packs. This is because ice packs do not maintain a precise or controlled temperature. When you place an ice pack on the skin, the body begins to transfer its heat onto the ice, causing it to get warmer.

DIY CoolSculpting Doesn’t Provide Suction

CoolSculpting at home does not have a vital component, suction. Because fat cells are more vulnerable to the cold than other cells, the fat cells move towards warmth when external temperatures become too cold. During a professional CoolSculpting treatment, the applicator safely pulls the skin up into the applicator, drawing the fat cells toward the surface. This cannot be accomplished with DIY CoolSculpting at home hacks.

CoolSculpting at Home is Dangerous

Ice packs do not freeze fat, but they can freeze your skin. DIY CoolSculpting is so dangerous because it leaves people susceptible to frostbite. Real CoolSculpting treatments use a proprietary gel pad on top of the skin to insulate the tissue from the cold. Also, the professional machine comes with several safety mechanisms to protect patients. The mechanisms include temperature gauges to monitor the skin’s temperature. If the skin drops below a certain point, the machine automatically turns off to avoid damaging skin.

Using ice packs at home has no safety precautions. DIY CoolSculpting leaves people susceptible to dangerous frostbite and thermal injury.

Safe and Professional CoolSculpting Near Me

Don’t fall for dangerous DIY CoolSculpting hacks. Instead, leave fat freezing to the professionals. PHI Aesthetics is a leading, reputable provider of safe CoolSculpting treatments in Red Bank, New Jersey. To schedule a consultation and learn more about safe, effective Coolsculpting, call us at 732-807-1800 or reach out to us online.